Swedish start-up Comfydence sets out to revolutionize feminine care in Europe

- premium absorbing panties for periods, discharge and sweat available to consumers in EU countries

Comfydence was the first Swedish brand to launch absorbing panties (or period panties) in the Scandinavian market in 2020. Less than a year later they now expand their e-commerce with a site in English offering shipping all over EU and a generous 60 - Day Money Back Guarantee.

Founders, Linda Stoltzhammar & Anna Hellström, describe themselves as two ordinary middle-aged women with too much experience of leaks, stains, and normal body functions. They first discovered period panties by accident in 2019 and were both intrigued by the concept. 

- We loved the idea of absorbing panties! Periods, sweat, discharge and postpartum bleeding are natural parts of women’s life yet the choice in protection is very limited. Washable panties that replace disposables and keep you fresh, safe, and comfortable through this - is just brilliant, says Linda.

Linda & Anna first tried a wide variety the period panties available online but found that many were either unreliable, uncomfortable, or not sustainable enough. So, the two Swedish women contacted suppliers, developed new styles, and learned how to start and manage an e-commerce. Their brand, Comfydence and the e-commerce went live in December 2020.

Comfydence today has a range of panties in 20+ styles, with different levels of absorption and in sizes ranging from 3XS to 5XL. All the styles have an inside of certified organic cotton and as opposed to many international brands, the panties have no antibacterial treatment (silver or other biocides). On all styles the protective layers are covering all the way to back waist band to provide extra safety. The panties have a long lifetime and are packed in a smart and reusable textile bag.

- We have selected the materials very carefully and we have given extra attention to sustainability. There is a strict code of conduct for our partners, and we donate part of the sales to the fight on period poverty. But the most important aspect is that our panties are functional and comfortable. Otherwise, they will just not be worn says Anna.

- We have been completely overwhelmed by the positive the response in Sweden and know our panties can have a positive impact on behaviors and planet. We now look forward to reaching more women and making their life a bit easier and a bit more sustainable say the two entrepreneurs.  

For more information send us an e-mail on hey@comfydence.se or call:

Anna Hellström +46 (0)76-723 05 31 
Linda Stoltzhammar +46 (0)70-351 75 76

Our vision is that women should feel comfortable and confident in their bodies every day. We work to end stigmatization around periods,  discharge and sweat – since it is natural part of women’s lives. We develop, market, and sell smart, sustainable, and innovative products within intimate hygiene. Comfydence is a proud partner of Water Aid Sweden in their fight for clean water and against period poverty.


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Vad är Comfydence

Vi, Anna & Linda som är grundare av Comfydence tycker att vi pratar för lite om mens, inkontinens och besvär som drabbar de flesta kvinnor. Vi vill bidra till att minska stigman och tabun kring vanlig kroppsfunktioner. Läs mer om oss och vårt varför.

Comfydence.se säljer absorberande trosor för en bekvämare vardag utan krångel. Trosorna fungerar vid mens, avslag, flytningar och svett. Skippa engångsskydden och gör en insats för miljön med en känsla av frihet.

Comfydence är stolt partner till WaterAid. WaterAid arbetar mycket aktivt för flickors rättigheter, att skapa medvetenhet kring mensfattigdom och att skapa goda möjligheter för flickor världen över.